The Novozymes structure - our organization

Novozymes is structured around six functional areas: Business Development, Business Operations, Corporate Functions, Supply Operations and Research & Development.

Each of the above areas is represented by a member of Novozymes' Executive Leadership Team.

Ownership of Novozymes

Please refer to Investor Relations for ownership specifics.

Business Development

Business development is responsible for leading business development for the major new platforms and managing the entire innovation pipeline, building on a close cooperation with Business Operations and R&D.

Business Operations

Business Operations is responsible for sales, marketing and technical service within all our established industries – working in close contact with R&D, Business Development and Supply Operations.

Research & Development

R&D delivers the products we need to satisfy customers and support growth. This will happen in close cooperation with both Business Development and Business Operations.

Corporate Functions

By combining finance, IT, investor relations, legal, HR and facility management, Corporate Functions strategically works to bring business insight and support across a growing global company.

Supply Operations

Supply Operations is responsible for production as well as supply chain, process optimization and quality, ensuring that each day we produce and deliver value to our customers.