Executive Leadership Team at Novozymes

Below overview of our Executive Leadership Team, and their resumes.

  • news-Peder-Holk-Nielsen-2014
    Peder Holk Nielsen
    President and CEO
    Born 1956
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  • exlt-anderslund-2016
    Anders Lund
    Executive Vice President, Household Care & Technical Industries
    Born 1973
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  • exlt-Andrew-Fordyce-nz-2015
    Andrew Fordyce
    Executive Vice President, Food & Beverages
    Born 1963
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  • exlt-tinafano-2016
    Tina Sejersgård Fanø
    Executive Vice President, Agriculture & Bioenergy
    Born 1969
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  • exlt-Thomas-Videbaek-nz-2015
    Thomas Videbæk
    Executive Vice President & COO, Research, Innovation & Supply
    Born 1960
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To download images of Executive Leadership Team, please go to this page in the "News" section.