Senior Leadership Team in Novozymes

Below an overview of the Senior Leadership Team in Novozymes - as per functional area.

​Business Development - headed by EVP Thomas Videbæk

Business Development creates tomorrow’s business for Novozymes. An incubation hub, Business Development will foster development of promising business platforms, exploring new business models and markets. Business development is responsible for leading business development for the major new platforms and managing the entire innovation pipeline.

Rasmus von Gottberg Corporate Development & Business Creation, Vice President
Helle Warrer Poulsen Animal Health & Nutrition, Vice President
Trevor Thiessen ​BioAg, Vice President
Peter Rosholm ​Biopharma, Vice President
Sebastian Søderberg Biomass Conversion, Vice President
Adam Monroe Americas Regional President, Vice President
Michael Fredskov Christiansen Asia Regional President, Vice President
​Kristian Bjørneboe ​M&A and PMI, Vice President

Business Operations - headed by EVP Andrew Fordyce

​Business Operations brings home the growth to Novozymes in our established industries, collaborating with customers to meet their business needs and together change the world. Business Operations is responsible for sales, marketing and technical service within all our established industries.

​Peter Halling HQ Accounts, Vice President
Pat Patterson Regional BusOps - Americas, Vice President
Tina Sejersgård Fanø Regional BusOps - EMEA, Vice President
Tue Micheelsen Regional BusOps - APAC, Vice President
Michael Brennan Regional BusOps - China, Vice President
​Anders Lund Global Marketing, Vice President
Steen Skjold-Jørgensen Global Technical Service, Vice President
Mads Madsen Communications & Public Affairs, Vice President

Supply Operations​ - headed by EVP Thomas Nagy

​Supply Operations delivers the products that boost our customers’ business and makes innovation a reality. Supply Operations is responsible for production as well as supply chain, process optimization and quality, ensuring that each day we produce and deliver value to our customers.

Mikael Bundgaard-Nielsen Product & Process Development, Vice President
Jens Møller Nielsen Supply Engineering, Vice President
Flemming Funch Compliance & Operation Support, Vice President
​Per Olesen Supply Chain Management, Vice President
Graziela Chaluppe dos Santos Malucelli APAC Operations, Vice President
Line Sandberg EMEA Operations, Vice President
Vanderlei Bellettini Americas Operations, Vice President
Mikael Bechsgaard Sourcing, Vice President

Research & Development - headed by EVP Per Falholt

Through our scientific leadership, R&D advances and safeguards our world-leading technology, creating the foundation for the bio-based economy.

We discover and develop the innovation that changes our customers’ businesses and grows Novozymes. At the same time, we safeguard our innovation through proactive IP strategies and ensure timely launch of safe products. With our superior microbiology, molecular evolution, expression technology and yield optimization, we work to create excellence, and going forward, we want to collaborate even closer with our customers, transforming their challenges into our solutions.

Ejner Bech Jensen Molecular Biotechnology, Vice President
​Ole Kirk Household Care ADU, Vice President
Christel Thea Jørgensen Feed, Food & Beverage ADU, Vice President
Claus Crone Fuglsang BioEnergy ADU, Vice President
Thomas Schäfer BioAg ADU, Vice President
Erik Gormsen Emerging Platforms ADU, Vice President
Signe Munk Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs, Vice President
Thomas Stenfeldt Batchelor Intellectual Property, Vice President

​Corporate Functions - headed by EVP Benny Loft

​Corporate Functions strategically supports the organization, providing one unified function that “makes the business happen." By combining finance, IT, investor relations, legal, HR and facility management, we are better able to address the needs of the business through improved corporate business processes and extensive business knowledge.

Mads Bodenhoff Corporate Finance, Vice President
Lene Aabo Business Finance, Vice President
Mikkel Viltoft ​Legal, Vice President
Michael Almer People & Organization, Vice President
Anders Brøns Petersen Business IT, Vice President
Maarit Pokkinen Global Business Services, Vice President
​Thomas Steenbech Bomhoff ​Investor Relations, Senior Director
​Camilla Holmblad ​CF Strategy & Development, Senior Director