Novozymes, biotechnology and bioinnovation

What is bioinnovation? What are enzymes? What are microroganisms, and what are biopolymers? Read how Novozymes uses industrial biotechnology to ensure sustainable, industrial efficiency.


Novozymes is based on bioinnovation. This means that we apply industrial biotechnology to challenge and complement traditional thinking and applications in order to identify sustainable solutions for forward-looking companies. See how it works in this flash.

Mastering industrial biotechnology

Mastering the full spectrum of biotechnology enables us to develop new value-adding products and produce them at high yields.

What is our bioinnovation based on?

The major part of our business deals with enzymes. Learn all about enzymes here.

We also employ microroganisms and biopolymers for our biotechnology business. Updated information coming up!

Learn more about our technologies.

Where are our products used?

Check out all the industries we operate in to create industrial efficiency and sustainability across the globe.