Mastering industrial biotechnology

Take a look at how Novozymes uses state-of-the-art biotechnology to rethink tomorrow's industries.

Microbiology and biochemistry

We search for interesting microorganisms and enzymes in nature. Thousands of microbial strains and enzymes have already been characterized.

Bioinformatics and molecular biology

An array of tools from genomic databases to protein crystal structures helps us identify and improve the characteristics of relevant enzymes. By using protein design and engineering we develop optimized enzymes. Read more about our basic technologies.

Assays and application technology

Improved enzymes and microorganisms must deliver value in commercial applications. Read about our scalable assays and application technologies.

Expression technology and fermentation

We design high-yielding microbial production strains for large-scale fermentation of sugars to enzymes. Read more about our production processes.

Immunology and toxicology

Our products must be safe to use. We ensure they are by rigorous application of our expertise in immunology and toxicology.