Enzyme samples

If you wish to acquire a sample of a Novozymes product, please read the guidelines below before contacting us.


We do not provide samples of experimental enzymes for purposes outside Novozymes unless Novozymes has significant insight into the use of the material. Any sampling of experimental material requires that a formal research collaboration with Novozymes has been established.

As a general rule, sampling of commercial Novozymes products for research purposes also requires a formal collaboration with Novozymes R&D to ensure that handling and application of the product are carried out in accordance with the guidelines for use.
In Denmark, a small selection of enzymes has been made available for educational purposes (high schools only). Schools can acquire these through ErhvervsAkademi Sjælland (Zealand Institute of Business and Technology).
If you wish to contact Novozymes on samples, please refer to our contact page and contact the relevant industry (choose Solutions/industries), stating your business.