Patents and licensing

At Novozymes we are dedicated to creating the best possible patent portfolio to gain the maximum value of Novozymes' R&D.


At Novozymes we have a culture where it is not only the patent specialists and the R&D scientists that have an in-depth patent interest and understanding. Everyone in the organization is dedicated to create and get the most out of IPR. Patents and patent strategy play an important role for example in: Business development, sales, marketing, production and customer communication. 
The Patents & Licensing group is involved in the development of all new products, from the first step, which is the conception of an idea, to the last step, when a product or technology is phased out or sold. When our inventors make new discoveries, we file patent applications to protect Novozymes’ investment. When our competitors try to block our freedom to operate through their patents, we fight such patents. We do not launch a product without determining whether we have freedom to do so.
At Novozymes we often combine our competencies with the knowledge of other companies and academia creating breakthrough inventions. If we want to stay on the forefront of bringing new biotechnology to commercial use can we not invent everything ourselves. We have numerous collaborations with both universities and other companies. We seek to negotiate the best IPR position for all parties involved and to attract the best partners, based on our strong patent portfolio, position and our proven technical competencies.