Novozymes' Communication Policy

It is our communication policy to ensure employee engagement and direction, create goodwill with key stakeholders and influence the public agenda and legislation to achieve our ambition.


To meet our objectives: 
  • We will communicate in an open and honest way, ensuring that our communication is clear, consistent, relevant and timely, and that we integrate communications in all decisions.
  • We will use information technology professionally to boost communication, cooperation and knowledge sharing.
  • We will actively participate in industry associations and stakeholder organizations, as well as in broader international and global business associations.
  • We will seek dialogue with key stakeholders and listen to peers, industry partners, academics, NGOs, governmental and civil society stakeholders.
  • Within national and international laws and policy guidelines, we will put forward positions relevant to our business towards policy makers and other interested parties. When doing so we will communicate in a respectful and credible way, engaging stakeholders in a constructive dialogue.
  • In order to ensure transparency in our outreach, we will make our corporate positions available via our website and annual reporting.