Novozymes' Sustainability Policy

We want to drive the world towards sustainability together with our customers and partners while improving our own sustainability performance.


To meet our objectives:

  • We will maintain robust management systems to monitor and control the social and environmental impact of our business processes.
  • We will continuously improve our resource efficiency, prevent pollution, and minimize emissions and waste in our operations through regular assessment and maintenance.
  • We will set ambitious sustainability goals and targets and communicate on our performance.
  • We will actively seek dialogue with key stakeholders in order to gain insight into their expectations, and promote sustainable development.
  • We will communicate expectations on sustainability to our suppliers and follow up on their performance.
  • We will build close relations in the communities in which we operate, and act as a good citizen.
  • We will develop biosolutions and make quantitative assessments of the impact of our products in a life cycle perspective.
  • We will ensure safe handling of the microorganisms we use and comply with all relevant biosafety regulations.
  • We will live up to the commitments we have made to globally recognized principles on the utilization of genetic resources according to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.
  • We will comply with all relevant legal and authority requirements and with our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.