Novozymes position statement on animal testing

Novozymes’ goal is to eliminate the use of animal testing. But at present, animal testing is required by legal authorities as a precondition to product registration.

Novozymes uses animals for research, safety testing of products and for antibody production where no acceptable alternative methods exist. At present, legal authorities require animal testing as a precondition to product registration.
Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the use of animals and obtain safety measures by other means. We therefore find it important to continuously address the issues around the use of laboratory animals and to challenge the justifiability of this use. The need for data from animal testing should be questioned case by case.
In day-to-day business Novozymes:

1. Strives to observe the principle of the three R's (replacement, reduction and refinement) and is actively investigating:

  • Replacement of animal use by alternative methods, if applicable
  • Reduction of the number of animals used where possible
  • Refinement of methods to reduce pain and distress

2. Assures compliance with Novozymes' policies through the internal Science Ethics Committee. No study involving laboratory animals can be made - internally or externally - unless the protocol has been reviewed and approved by this committee.

3. Requires that our suppliers (Contract Research Organizations) constantly consider and improve the welfare and the needs of laboratory animals.

4. Provides appropriate education of all Novozymes' employees involved in studies with animals and upholds internal standards and procedures to ensure compliance.

5. Engages in dialogue with key stakeholders and reports on performance in terms of the use of animals in the Novozymes Report.


Last revised April 2017