Novozymes is the world’s leading supplier of enzymes for the production of 1st generation bioethanol for fuel - made from starch derived from corn and other grains.

Novozymes is furthermore leading the way in the development of enzymes and processes for the production of 2nd generation bioethanol to be made from cellulosic plant residues and materials, such as corn stover, straw, bagasse, wood chips, etc. in close cooperation with other leading players in the field.
Biofuels constitute a small but rapidly growing part of the global energy supply. They are a renewable energy source with the potential to reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector and create economic opportunities for rural areas and developing countries. Thus, biofuels can be an important part of the energy mix of the future

Position on biofuels

Novozymes has a sincere concern for environmental stewardship and sustainable development. Novozymes therefore supports the careful scientific and holistic evaluation of all relevant aspects of biofuel production and use along with other alternative and renewable fuels needed for our future global energy supply. Novozymes actively supports international multi-stakeholder initiatives to develop market access for – and promote the use of – sustainable biofuels.

Potential benefits of production and use of biofuels

With policies and practices supporting sustainable land and resource use, negative environmental, social and economic impacts can be very limited and greatly outweighed by the benefits.
In short, the potential benefits of production and use of biofuels are as follows:
  • Biofuels are made from renewable sources and can be made perpetually
  • Biofuels replace and reduce reliance on fossil fuel
  • Biofuels can cause significantly less CO2 emissions compared with fossil fuels
  • Biofuels can stimulate development, particularly in rural areas and in developing countries