Novozymes position statement on business integrity and anti-corruption

Corruption has a wide range of corrosive effects on society in general and on markets. Accordingly, Novozymes has joined the United Nations Global Compact and supports working against corruption in all its forms.

As a global company with activities all over the world, Novozymes wants to show that it is possible to grow a healthy global business based on values such as responsibility, accountability, openness, and honesty. This way of doing business has characterized Novozymes for many years and will continue to do so.

To contribute to the fight against corruption Novozymes has established six principles for business integrity with which all employees, including executive leadership, and the board of directors must comply:

1. Novozymes neither accepts nor offers bribes in any form
2. Novozymes does not make facilitation payments
3. Novozymes does not contribute to money laundering. All financial transactions must be documented
4. Novozymes does not pay criminals for protection
5. The value of gifts given and received must not exceed locally defined triviality limits
6. Novozymes does not make financial contributions to political parties. Charitable contributions are subject to various restrictions

Novozymes maintains a web-based business integrity training program, which is mandatory for relevant employee groups and management, and which serves as a frequent reminder of the importance of integrity. It guides the employees in making the right decisions through customized cases and business integrity dilemmas.

A booklet, “Bribery: No thanks!”, is available in five languages, Chinese, Danish, English, Portuguese and Spanish, and distributed to employees worldwide.

All employees are strongly encouraged to seek guidance on ethical dilemmas from their manager, designated colleagues in finance, legal, compliance and local People & Organization (HR). Further, employees can anonymously raise any concerns about business ethics and corruption, including possible breaches of our integrity principles, through Novozymes’ Whistleblower Hotline, and they can refer concerns about behavior perceived to conflict with Novozymes’ values and policies to Novozymes’ Ombudsperson. All concerns raised will be handled appropriately in accordance with internal procedures.

Executive Leadership, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee receive reporting on all whistleblower reports and fraud investigations on a quarterly basis. Novozymes reports on all investigations of fraud and business integrity related matters in the annual report.


Last revised April 2017