Open and trusted communication channels, supported by easily accessible training, are the central element in identifying possible illegal or unethical misconduct.

In addition to the regular line management channels of communication and workplace procedures, Novozymes has established the following three mechanisms to increase the likelihood of early detection of serious misconduct and to ensure that such misconduct is handled in a proper manner:
All employees can refer concerns and events that are perceived to conflict with Novozymes' values, policies, and standards to the Ombudsperson and have them evaluated objectively and in confidence.
Committee on Business Integrity
The Committee on Business Integrity is responsible for performing periodical reviews and reporting to the Sustainability Development Board on the nature of: 
  • Guidance provided
  • Requests for facilitation payments
  • Excessive gifts given/received
  • Concerns and reports received
  • The effectiveness of Novozymes’ principles for business integrity and, if required, proposals for revisions
Supplementary controls of gift expenses, commission levels, sponsorships, and corporate citizenship are carried out periodically.
Novozymes' Whistleblower Hotline
Novozymes has established a whistleblower system, the Novozymes Whistleblower Hotline, giving employees in the Novozymes group of companies a means of confidentially raising concerns regarding serious illegal or unethical misconduct.
Novozymes' Whistleblower Hotline does not replace Novozymes’ regular channels of communication or workplace procedures, but provides a secure alternative for reports relating to business ethics and anticorruption in those particular situations where the regular channels or procedures might seem inexpedient or inappropriate.
All incoming reports will be handled by Novozymes’ General Counsel.
You can submit your report online (secure external server) or by phone (secure phone lines to external call center), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
To read more about how to use the Novozymes Whistleblower Hotline and the procedures set up to ensure professional, confidential, and compliant handling of reports, please see Novozymes' Whistleblower Hotline procedure.
To file a report, please go to Novozymes' Whistleblower Hotline reporting site.