Policies, positions and standards along with seeking guidance and training of employees are all important prevention mechanisms.


Policies, positions, and standards

In order to ensure responsible business conduct and prevent misconduct, having clear policies, positions, and guidelines in place for employees and other stakeholders to consult and adopt is an absolute must.
One issue of particular importance is the fight against corruption. Corruption is a heavy burden on the global economy, and in order to contribute to the fight against corruption, to increase transparency, and to state our position inside and outside the company Novozymes has established clear principles for business integrity with which all employees must comply.
For more information, see our position on business integrity and our booklet 'Bribery - No thanks!' (available in Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish).

Seeking guidance

Employees are encouraged to seek guidance from regional finance directors so as to proactively clarify ethical dilemmas. They may also approach their manager, Legal Affairs, or People & Organization (Labor Relations & Legal (DK)/Local P&O).

Training of employees

All employees, executives and directors receive information about Novozymes’ rules on business integrity. In addition, Novozymes has developed a web-based training program, which is mandatory for relevant employee groups and executives. The training program guides the participant through a series of case studies presenting situations that pose business-integrity dilemmas.