Measuring our progress: Long-term targets

We measure the success of our strategy using a number of long-term targets. In addition to our financial goals, we will reach, educate, catalyze, deliver, save and enable to make a lasting difference.


By 2020, we want to reach 6 billion people. Our solutions touch people’s lives across the world, and nowhere does sustainability become more real than when people have access to products that combine high performance and a sustainable footprint.


We want to provide knowledge of the potential of biology to 1 million people from 2015 to 2020. We want to step up our contribution – from training in factories to local-community outreach to involvement with universities and business schools. Education is a precondition for global sustainable development, and we have a lot to offer. This target will challenge us to share knowledge and insights outside of Novozymes. The more people we can educate, the more can take part in creating sustainable biological solutions in the future.


We want to catalyze five global partnerships for change: high-impact partnerships with public and private organizations to create answers for a growing world. Good examples include The BioAg Alliance, which is working on making a sustainable change in modern agriculture, and the U.N.-led Sustainable Energy For All initiative. We want to play our part in rallying the willing to make the changes the world needs.


We want to deliver 10 transformative innovations that really change the lives of many people and fulfill ambitious sustainability goals. Every piece of innovation we deliver has an impact, but delivering two transformative innovations a year is setting the bar high.


By 2020, we want to save the world 100 million tons of CO2 a year through customers applying our products.


We want to enable Novozymes employees to develop. It is our ability to ensure that employees develop their skills that will determine how successful we are. We will do this on an ongoing basis, but we have set an ambitious target for 2020 in our annual employee survey.