"Together, we find biological answers for better lives in a growing world – Let’s rethink tomorrow."

Novozymes' purpose is deeply rooted in our heritage and all that we have accomplished so far. It also looks ahead to what Novozymes can achieve together with customers, consumers, governments, academia and many other people in finding the sustainable answers that our world needs.


  • The very first word is ‘together’ because we cannot do this alone. Partnerships, alliances and networks of the willing are the way to make a difference in a world full of complex challenges and large opportunities.
  • Novozymes brings the biology to the table. We know that many of the big answers to global questions can be found in some of the smallest things in nature: inside the cells. Our technology can achieve the unimagined. We define Novozymes as a company that finds these biological answers.
  • The goal is that all people can thrive in a world in balance. We want to solve the toughest and most urgent puzzle: Better lives in a growing world. It is not a choice between better lives or a growing world, but better lives in a growing world.
  • We invite everyone to join: Let’s Rethink Tomorrow.