Strategy: Partnering for impact

Our strategy is about partnering for impact. For Novozymes, a partnership means deep-rooted collaborations with mutual benefits and obligations.

By working closely with people around us, we can gain the necessary insights into how we can help them succeed. Only by truly understanding the social, political and economic realities of our partners can we create real and sustained impact. We can do that by optimizing our partners’ processes while reducing their environmental footprint, improving their profitability, and creating breakthrough products and more jobs. We are already doing this today, but we can do much more to raise our impact by benefiting our partners, building a better world and growing our company at the same time.


We will:
  • Rally for change - forming partnerships and networks with customers, consumers, governments, suppliers and academia to make a sustainable difference.
  • Lead innovation - exciting our consumers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets.
  • Focus on opportunities - prioritizing the customers, markets and activities that hold the biggest opportunities for creating impact.
  • Grow people - supporting Novozymes' employees and people around us in unfolding their full potential.