Decreasing our environmental footprint

With the goal of being a leader in sustainability Novozymes adheres to corporate environmental standards.

Novozymes wants to be a recognized leader in sustainability. In addition to our ISO 14001 certification, we have developed a corporate environmental standard with which all production facilities must comply.
Novozymes' environmental management system is an integrated part of our management system across departments and beyond the geographical borders of the organization.
To reduce the impact of our production on the environment we have set ambitious goals to decrease our environmental footprint. Our goals include making significant improvements to our energy, water, and CO2 efficiency.
Additionally, we also aim to continuously increase recycling, and to stay generally up-to-date with new ways of being more environmentally friendly in the workplace.
Each quarter we systematically follow up on our environmental performance, and we report progress on environmental targets externally as part of our quarterly statements.
Please read our position paper on REACH.