Promoting a healthy workplace

Novozymes wants to enable all employees to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health.

Novozymes aims to promote health among our employees. Health promotion focuses on life style habits, health attitudes, and wellness, and first and foremost Novozymes wants to enable employees to increase control over their own health and its determinants. However, although Novozymes supports and encourages employees in choosing a healthy life style, it is ultimately the responsibility of each employee to decide on his or her own health.
Health promotion is seen as beneficial for each employee and also for Novozymes’ productivity, branding, etc. Health promotion is also supported by the idea of sustainability, and may be a benefit for society.
Health promotion is exercised at organizational level as well at individual level. Novozymes' regions are obliged to support health promotion activities according to local needs and opportunities. Finally, the employees should be involved in shaping the program.