Training and developing people

Ensuring that our employees continue to develop their competencies on a personal and professional level is a key driver for our business.


At Novozymes we focus on four main action areas which are of vital importance for keeping employees at the peak of their game:

1. Individual Development Plans (IDPs). A structured approach to IDPs means that every employee has an annual competency development interview with his or her immediate manager to identify competency gaps. A plan is then drawn up and continuously reviewed in order to fill these gaps.

2. Using our annual climate survey we evaluate the success of the continued development and present the results in The Novozymes Report.

3. Measuring the training investment per employee which is reported in The Novozymes Report.

4. Making sure that leaders continuously focus on developing their employees. In order to do this we have defined a set of leadership competencies that our leaders are required to live up to. These also include the managers' responsibility to develop their employees' competencies.