Quality products

We deliver high-quality products to our customers based on global standards and procedures which are continuously reviewed and updated.

For Novozymes a product’s quality is related to all aspects of the customer’s expectations. This means that product quality entails:
• Value-adding performance in the customer’s process 
• Application safety, including toxicity, impurities, and risk of exposure
• Compliance with product registrations and customer approvals
• Stability
• Appearance
• Environmental friendliness of both product and production process
Novozymes strives to consistently deliver high quality, which is assured by our global standards and procedures. We work with global product specifications which are managed and controlled by our Quality Management department. The product specifications present the batch acceptance criteria that are relevant for batch control, and parameters that are important for the specific industry.
Novozymes’ product specifications ensure that we live up to customers’ requirements and not least, applicable legislation, which is why we continuously monitor these requirements and make sure that we update the specifications accordingly.