Product information

Novozymes supports proportionate and operational regulations on information to the users of our products, notably on safe handling.



Product labels are the primary communication tool to Novozymes' customers for the safe and effective handling and storage of our products. It is essential that labels convey a clear message on health and safety aspects of our products to ensure that they are handled properly by workers.

Novozymes also implements the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) to ensure the same high level of safety information in all countries where we operate – even where it is not mandated by law. The GHS guidelines were developed by the United Nations to help the entire world communicate in the same way about chemical safety.

Novozymes supports proportionate and operational regulations, as well as the final consumers’ right to know, about the way our products are manufactured. Notably, it has always been a basic principle at Novozymes to openly inform all interested parties about the use of genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) in our production processes.

To this effect, Novozymes’ policy is to inform our customers, in compliance and sometimes beyond legal requirements. Such information may be part of labels, safety data sheets (SDS), product data sheets, and web-based information.

The information we provide to our customers allows them to comply with relevant legislations. It is also reflected when appropriate, in our customers’ communication with final users and consumers.

Our information policy is implemented and monitored through our Quality Management System. We had no incidents of non-compliance with regulatory labelling requirements in 2016.

Novozymes maintains an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders including legislators and authorities, food producers and retailers, the public and the non-governmental organizations on all above topics