Household Care

As a manufacturer and importer of enzymes, Novozymes has registered the most used enzymes for household care products. Novozymes will register the other enzymes meeting the REACH registration timeline.

Novozymes ensures timely REACH registration of our enzymes for the household care industry and throughout our supply chain, we take care to meet all REACH requirements. 

In accordance with the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products’ (A.I.S.E.) descriptions of use and “habits and practices”, Novozymes has developed exposure scenarios. The exposure scenarios are available for REACH-registered Novozymes products and can be downloaded from Novozymes’ Customer Center. Novozymes also offers safety guidance which can be found in the Library section on Novozymes’ Customer Center.  

Spray or hard surface cleaning products or medical device cleaning
When enzymes are used for spray products or hard surface cleaning or medical device cleaning, exposure of enzymes may exceed the safety level. A.I.S.E. publishes documents on “Exposure measurements of enzymes for risk assessment of spray products” describing how exposure should be assessed for spray products. Novozymes offers instruction about safety for medical device cleaning. If you intend to develop such products, please inform your Novozymes representative for further assistance. 

Do you have a question?
Novozymes’ REACH team works within all aspects of REACH and is dedicated to answering any queries that our customers may have. If you have any questions or need our support with regards to REACH, please contact your Novozymes representative or email the REACH team at