Our approach

REACH reflects Novozymes’ business strategy and ambition to substitute highly dangerous chemicals with sustainable enzymatic or biological solutions, while ensuring safety of use.

Novozymes ensures REACH compliance of products that are manufactured in the EU or imported to the EU/European Economic Area (EEA) by Novozymes A/S in Denmark (if you import Novozymes’ products into the EU/EEA, please inform your Novozymes representative).

Novozymes as a leading registrant has successfully registered high volume enzymes (2010 for > 1000 ton/year, 2013 for > 100 ton/year) meeting the REACH deadlines. Novozymes will register other enzymes in lower tonnages meeting the deadline in 2018.   

Novozymes products are subject to registration for:
• Bioenergy
• Biopharma
• Household Care
• Leather 
• Pulp & Paper
• Textile
• Wastewater solutions
• Food & Beverages

Novozymes’ products for agricultural solutions are not within the scope of REACH as long as they are used as advised by Novozymes.
Within REACH
Within REACH is Novozymes’ approach to ensuring REACH compliance. The project has been established to ensure that we take all necessary steps to meet REACH compliance and support our customers’ compliance.
Within REACH plays a part in every area of our organization. It is a dynamic structure that communicates with the authorities, suppliers and customers in timely manner. Since REACH is a moving target, Novozymes has established a steering committee to make decisions on all critical issues.

Within REACH

Safety for workers and consumers
With a strong safety policy and more than 40 years of experience in producing enzymes, Novozymes offers products that are safe for handling and for use. We also assist and inform our partners about the correct use of our products.
The REACH regulation requires that adequate control of risks is demonstrated for the identified uses of substances. The exposure scenarios that are required by REACH are available for our products (reference:  REACH registration number in Section 3 in Safety Data Sheets.) Exposure scenarios for Novozymes solutions can be obtained through Novozymes representatives or Novozymes’ Customer Center.  

A trustworthy partner for compliance

Manufacturers that use Novozymes’ products in their solutions may have to comply with REACH if their products are manufactured in the EU/EEA or imported to the EU/EEA.  As a trusted partner, Novozymes will support our customers’ REACH compliance.
Novozymes works with our supply chain to make sure that relevant raw materials meet REACH compliance.

Do you have a question?
Novozymes’ REACH team works with all aspects of REACH and is dedicated to answering any queries that our customers may have. If you have any questions or need our support with regards to REACH, please contact your Novozymes representative or email the REACH team at reach@novozymes.com.
If you are importing Novozymes’ products into the EU or the EEA, please inform your Novozymes representative.

Novozymes’ enzymes made for the manufacturing of food comply with FIAP in the EU.