Wastewater solutions

As a manufacturer and importer of products for wastewater solutions, Novozymes has registered enzymes in high tonnages and will register other enzymes according to the REACH registration timeline in 2018.


Novozymes will ensure timely REACH registration of enzymes as well as REACH compliance of non-enzyme components and throughout our supply chain, we take care to meet all REACH requirements.  Some products may contain beneficial living microorganisms, and these are not within the scope of REACH.

The exposure scenarios are available for REACH registered Novozymes products and can be downloaded from Novozymes’ Customer Center. Novozymes also offers safety guidance which can be found in the Library at Novozymes’ Customer Center. 

Do you have a question?
Novozymes’ REACH team works with all aspects of REACH and is dedicated to answering any queries that our customers may have. If you have any questions or need our support with regards to REACH, please contact your Novozymes representative or email the REACH team at reach@novozymes.com.