Supplier management at Novozymes

We challenge our existing and new suppliers to join us in constant innovation.


Rethink Tomorrow is Novozymes' call to innovation. We are rethinking supplier relationships through systematic category management assessment to:
• Optimize our cost base
• Address common challenges with common values
• Optimize and innovate sustainable supply chains together with strategic suppliers
• Identify opportunities for joint business development
• Acknowledge the success of our suppliers as an integral part of the success of Novozymes

Novozymes relies on a wide range of suppliers. We want sustainable solutions for our customers in every part of our value chain. It is our goal to maintain high efficiency, ensure supply reliability and apply our values to our value chain including our suppliers.

Continuous reliable supply
We expect our suppliers to deliver on their promise.

Product and service quality
We expect our suppliers to meet our expectations on quality.

Efficiency and price
We expect our suppliers to face competition focusing on efficient delivery and continuous improvement year on year.

Responsibility and innovation
We expect our suppliers to balance reliability, quality, and efficiency with a drive for sustainability and innovation. We partner with our trusted suppliers in efforts to innovate and implement responsible solutions throughout our supply chain.