At the beginning of 2006 Novozymes’ vendor invoice process started undergoing a transformation from paper-based invoices handling to XML-based invoices for selected suppliers.


The selection is typically based on the numbers of invoices, the complexity of the invoices and the general economic attractiveness for both the supplier and Novozymes.

Since 2006 Novozymes and external parties have optimized the process and system functionality, facilitating smooth integration and operation. A transformation process will normally be initiated by Novozymes and will start with a kick off meeting where both parties agree on the process and which integration method is most suitable for the specific vendor.
There are three integration methods to chose from:
  • The first method is a full integration method. This requires an invoice file, in the xCBL 3.5 format, from the supplier to our data hub, which Novozymes uses to receive XML-based invoices
  • The second method is a virtual printer solution where the vendor instead of printing the invoice to paper, select a virtual printer in the printer menu which generates an electronic document that is transferred electronically to our data hub and then on to Novozymes
  • The third integration method is called PO Flip. The basic idea is that the vendor changes the purchase order to an invoice by entering the basic information from the order on a web page provided by our data hub