Our ambition - Changing the world together with our customers

Novozymes’ vision is to ensure the right balance between better business, cleaner environment, and better lives. Never has that vision been more relevant to the world than now, and for Novozymes it opens a window of opportunity.

Novozymes' ambition

The human race is exploiting the planet to the limit of its carrying capacity. Globalization is causing a rising – and much richer – population. Burning issues such as climate change, uneven distribution of resources, and increasing energy consumption call for new solutions.
We certainly need to rethink tomorrow and to make more with less. The world is crying out for sustainable solutions, and this is at the top of the political agenda. Novozymes can provide sustainable solutions through our technology.

Changing the world together with our customers

Our new ambition is to make a significant positive change in the world. By being ambitious and constantly reaching out to the world, our solutions will be widespread and impact our customers, their industries, and the world in which we live.
We can help change the world together with our customers – while growing our company.

Deliver radical innovation

In the future our customers will choose us because we offer them radically new solutions based on our understanding of our customers’ business and their industries. At the same time we understand the big picture and influence developments.

Drive the world toward sustainability

Bioinnovation has the potential to be part of the solution to some of the most pressing global challenges - such as reduction of CO2 emissions and overcoming resource scarcity. These are factors that will impact our customers’ choice of technology. We believe that sustainable solutions will drive new business.

Make it great to be a Zymer

It is a leadership challenge to recruit and retain people when the organization is growing. To focus on this we have set ourselves the target of being a preferred employer globally.



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