Novozymes' values

Read all about Novozymes' values, or what drives our behavior.

Dare to lead
Because the future is created by you
·         Strive to be the best
·         Never settle for what we have today
·         Set brave goals and follow through
·         Take initiative and volunteer yourself
·         Develop yourself and your team
Trust and earn trust
Because nothing beats a circle of trust
·         Clarify expectations and keep your promises
·         Demonstrate professionalism
·         Empower others
·         Be open and honest
·         Take care of others
Connect to create
Because the world is full of ideas
·         Seek to understand the bigger picture
·         Embrace diversity
·         Learn from the outside
·         Challenge conventions
·         Take pride in finding solutions with others
Unlock passion
Because passion makes dreams come alive
·         Inspire and excite others
·         Love what you do
·         Seek simple solutions fast
·         Focus on opportunities rather than barriers
·         Do not fear mistakes; learn from them



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