Development for everyone

We believe in continuous development driven by business needs. Having the right competencies at all times is essential for us. When you learn and grow, Novozymes learns and grows.


Every individual has a unique set of strengths and skills so there’s no single development plan that fits everyone. That’s why we approach development as an individual matter. Aligned to business needs and using a solid development framework, we strive to develop you to be the best in your area. Individual development plans are created for all employees annually and we make sure there is paid constant attention to your development.


Challenging tasks and responsibilities are at the core of your development, but we also have a wide selection of development tools, activities, programs and courses for all job types and roles in Novozymes. We’ll support your development, but you have to set your own direction.
Our dedication to your development is measured through our annual employee survey. With an average score of 74 over the last 5 years, our employees agree that development is a priority in Novozymes. The scores are published in our annual report for everyone to see.