Employees' opinion

Employing the best people requires Novozymes to be a great place to work. Every year we ask our employees what they think, and the feedback guides us in making Novozymes even better.

Our official employee feedback tool is called People’s Opinion. It is an annual survey measuring organizational performance through factors like customer orientation, immediate manager, effective organization and satisfaction and motivation. Our employees are highly engaged in voicing their opinion – we have had a response rate of 95% for the last 5 years.

We set the bar high in Novozymes. So we are proud to meet not only our own ambitious targets, but also to be best in class according to global benchmark. With an overall organizational performance of 80 (on a 1-100 scale), we are at a very satisfying level. Driven by 80+ scores in effective organization, customer orientation and immediate manager we see an ability throughout the organization to deliver effectively to our internal and external customers through great leadership and dedicated efforts. With a 77 score in satisfaction and motivation we prove to do so, in a motivating and engaging work environment.

Though very pleased with the latest feedback, there is always focus on doing better. Leaders at all levels of the organization discuss the survey results with their teams to learn from our successes and focus on areas of improvements. Also, the results are a significant driver for top management when setting the agenda for organizational development. Because our employees’ opinion matters.