Students and graduates in Novozymes

Novozymes works with all kinds of students and graduates, from high school students to PhD fellows.

With biotech we rethink the future, so it’s natural for us to invest in the thinkers of tomorrow. We would like to invite you into our world so we can build a relationship together – and you can start building a meaningful career.

Students with responsibility

Working with students is a valuable relationship – we get a fresh perspective on our business and you get an insight into our global company. As part of a global team, you will be given responsibility and can rely on our support to help you strengthen your qualifications.

Student and graduate opportunities

We provide a lot of activities at various educational levels for students and graduates. You can choose from project collaborations, internships, student worker programs, international graduate programs, and more.

Many students who have worked with us enter careers in Novozymes. We’re confident that once you get a taste of life at Novozymes you will want to stay with us and exploit a meaningful career – and we really want you to.

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