Project collaboration

Novozymes can work alongside you as a student to provide you with experience and opportunities to help start a career. We believe the opportunity to learn is equal to both you and us.

Novozymes works alongside you to provide you with experience and opportunities that will help you start a career. We believe we can learn as much from you as you can from us.

We join forces with many types of students on MSc, BSc, and PhD projects. When we’ve defined your project together, we will connect you with relevant Novozymes employees who will guide you towards a valuable project outcome and an excellent learning experience.

For science projects you will typically work with our skilled science teams, and get hands-on experience. Expanding your business understanding from a science-perspective and getting real lab experience is the core of what we offer in science projects. For general business projects, you will  team up with experienced employees who will help you obtain the relevant information in order for you to learn and develop.  Please contact us for more information.