Biotech jobs – Career opportunities in industrial biotechnology

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Novozymes R&D offers job opportunities for a large diversity of profiles – and personalities in biotechnology. From the ultimate specialists within our biotech fields to the customer-oriented generalists who span a range of applications for our industrial enzymes, microorganisms and pharmaceutical ingredients.

A global career…

With a corporate R&D organization employing more than 1,100 people at 12 sites across the globe, it is safe to say that we are a multicultural and international biotech organization tied together in a global R&D community.
Being located in many parts of the world sets high standards for the way we collaborate with each other and with our partners. We attach great importance to our interpersonal skills and our ability to work closely together across regions and biotech fields.

…in industrial biotechnology

Each of our R&D sites represents a certain set of skills and competencies within biotechnology. From systems biology, bioinformatics and molecular biology to microbiology, biochemistry and fermentation – to name just a few.
Any research project can draw upon competencies from any R&D site around the world. This means that when you work for Novozymes, you will be involved in global projects and it is not unusual to have colleagues from three or four different sites working on the same project. This creates an international atmosphere and enables Novozymes to achieve world-class R&D results.
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