Collaborative crowd-foresighting – the future of innovation

Innovation is widely acknowledged to be a key factor in a company’s success, so it’s unsurprising that some of the world’s leading companies were represented at the Innovation Roundtable hosted by Novozymes on April 9th.

The roundtable’s focus was on harnessing innovation and targeting initiatives to ensure they have an impact. One very effective way to do this is a process known as foresighting. This involves identifying and assessing emerging technologies, needs and problems, and tailoring initiatives to meet these needs. Participants at the roundtable were introduced to some ‘out of the box’ methods to support the foresighting process.



Frank Hatzack from Novozymes and Dr Paolo Bavaj from Henkel joined forces to invite participants to a crowd-foresighting initiative about the future of lighting and lighting applications.  A collaborative online ideation tool was introduced as the perfect vehicle to support crowd-foresighting, as it allows insights to be gathered across geographical, cultural and even company boundaries. The result is the widest and most diverse possible input on which factors might impact the future.  The involvement of so many people from different industries, sharing their thoughts and views on the topic, made the session very exciting, according to Frank Hatzack.


Crowd-foresighting is all about sharing thoughts and insights, and the roundtable proved that Twitter is another great way to do this; @NZbioinno, the Novozymes Innovation Twitter feed, was buzzing with participants’ real-time comments, opinions and pictures throughout the day. Take a look @NZbioinno to find this and lots more great content, or view our favorite tweets from the day below.


The results of the online ideation will be presented at the next Innovation Roundtable in Düsseldorf, hosted by Henkel and shared on our Innovation Site.

What is the Innovation Roundtable?

The Innovation Roundtable is a network that facilitates connections between innovation practitioners in large firms and provides access to insights on effective innovation practices in leading companies. Participants meet on a monthly basis to inspire and be inspired on topics related to innovation.


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