Boosting innovation through crowdsourcing with a partner

At Novozymes innovation happens together with our partners and customers. A recent example is our joint crowdsourcing campaign which we have conducted with Fiberight.

​Fiberight is Novozymes' partner in converting municipal solid waste to ethanol and biogas. Read more about the Novozymes-Fiberight partnership.
"The idea to use crowdsourcing was born out of a desire to engage as many brilliant minds as possible in both our companies to generate cutting-edge ideas together. The point is that this happens much faster and at a much lower cost than traditional face-to-face exercises, since fewer people have to travel and meet physically", says Jason Blake, Business Developer within Biomass at Novozymes. "It was fantastic to see how smoothly Novozymes could execute a user-friendly online process to bring our experts together with a large number of exceptional technologists in their global R&D community", says Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO of Fiberight. He continues: "Together we flushed out a rich space of ideas online and quickly zoomed in on the most relevant concepts. Until now we had believed that collaborative exercises at this scale always would come at a high cost both in terms of money and time spent. But now we have learned that we can leverage collective and truly global brain power through digital idea generation tools. This allows us to use our highly valuable face-to-face time much more efficiently. We can really focus on creating action plans to turn the very best ideas into realities together".
Fiberight - innovation through crowdsourcing
"At Novozymes we have perfected collaborative online ideations and published our results in Research Technology Management, a renowned innovation journal RTM article. We can offer joint online campaigns to our customers and partners – virtually anytime. Two things enable us to do this: (1) a large and highly motivated global community of experts in diverse technologies and (2) solid process experience in digital idea management" says Frank Hatzack, Senior Innovation Manager at Novozymes.

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