Innovation-driven partnerships

As we work to drive the world towards sustainability, partnering has become a key competency used by Novozymes to effectively create and build businesses that can help change the world.

Innovation-driven partnerships

At Novozymes we understand the invaluable connections that take place when the right minds find each other. We see innovation-driven partnerships as a key element of delivering tomorrow’s biosolutions, and are looking for companies and technologies to help us develop and market the next generation of ideas.
Below you’ll find areas where we are looking for partners for the creation development of business. By building on complementary competences and sharing risks and benefits, we would like to construct thriving partnerships with companies who share the common goal of changing the world through biotechnology.
At this time we are particularly interested in the area of biochemicals, but we are continuously evaluating new areas of interest. Check back here regularly as we explore new opportunities for partnerships. Or check out our Twitter site.

An area in which we are currently seeking innovative partners

Malic acid from renewable resources
Novozymes has developed a commercially viable microorganism for the production of C4 dicarboxylic acids such as malic acid from biobased materials.

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