The strategy

Novozymes envisions a future where our biological solutions create the necessary balance between better business, cleaner environment, and better lives.

better business, cleaner environment, and better lives.


Novozymes is a business-to-business company providing sustainable biological solutions. We compete by understanding customers’ business needs, turning insights into cost-efficient and innovative biological solutions. We aim to drive the world toward sustainability together with our customers by making better use of the world’s resources to meet needs for food, feed, fuel, and other consumables.
Our technological foundation is biotechnology, enzymes, and microorganisms. Wherever we choose to operate, our aim is to be the market leader. We operate with a triple bottom line and are thus committed to continuously improving our financial, environmental, and social performance.
Our strategic agenda is three-fold: drive innovation, expand opportunities, and improve productivity.
Drive innovation
Novozymes aims to deliver growth by bringing sustainable and innovative solutions to the market together with our customers. As the world’s premier industrial enzyme producer with the greatest breadth and reach, we drive the industry forward by rethinking how and where enzymes can be applied. Our solutions address the need to improve industrial processes and products, making them more cost-efficient and sustainable, and enabling our customers to produce more with less. We regard sustainability as an integral part of our business and a significant driver of business opportunities and long-term customer relationships. We are committed to research and development, in which we invest 13-14% of annual sales and employ more than 20% of our global workforce, and we are one of the world’s most active patent filers in our field with a portfolio of more than 7,000 patents granted or pending.
Expand opportunities
Novozymes aims to build on our foundation in enzyme technology and explore biological business opportunities in other areas as well. Biological solutions such as microorganisms and proteins other than enzymes can also address the need for more sustainable, safe, and cost-efficient solutions, improve industrial processes, and reduce the consumption of raw materials, water, and energy. We lead the way in selected fields where Novozymes holds a competitive advantage due to our technological platform and organizational capabilities, and aim to turn a portfolio of opportunities into significant business areas that can sustain the company’s growth and returns over time.
Improve productivity
Novozymes aims to deliver sustainable returns on our innovations by constantly improving the use of both our own and nature’s resources throughout our business and especially in our production processes. We use sophisticated technologies to improve the efficiency of our fermentation production processes, the strains that produce our enzymes, and the performance of the enzymes themselves. This enables us to increase output from existing facilities and reduce consumption of raw materials, water, and energy, making for a flexible production setup that improves our margins, returns, and environmental footprint.