Partnering for impact

Our strategy is about partnerships with impact. We will collaborate closely with customers, governments, academia, consumers and many other people around us. We will build deep insight about how we can help them succeed.


The four focus areas of the strategy

Rally for change

We will form partnerships and networks with customers, organizations and governments to make a sustainable difference. Rally for change is about Novozymes actively engaging in global discussions, and being a driving force in bringing together like-minded partners with shared goals and ambitions to create more sustainable growth for the world.

Lead innovation

We excite our customers by delivering more significant innovation, tailored to their local markets. Thus, we will accelerate the translation of customer needs into significant biological solutions that address local needs. The technology race is speeding up, and we have to stay ahead. Our innovation goes beyond the lab, extending into every interaction that we have with customers and consumers.

Focus on opportunities

We will prioritize the customers, markets and activities that hold the biggest opportunities for creating impact. With such a broad portfolio of markets and activities, it is critical that we hone our ability to focus on the key priorities and drive home the value.

Grow people

We want to be better at enabling our employees to develop their professional and leadership skills. We will support Novozymes’ employees and people around us in realizing their full potential. This will include more effective development programs, customized to the needs of specific parts of the organization. At the same time, we believe that we can contribute knowledge of biology to people around us: everything from working with technicians at customers’ plants to help them optimize production to helping in classrooms.