Corporate citizenship

Novozymes commits resources to give back to communities worldwide. Accordingly, we use our skills in biotechnology and sustainability to contribute towards the millennium development goals such as improving education and environmental responsibility.


Novozymes’ corporate citizenship strategy, called Citizymes, focuses on engaging with our local communities, by making our competencies in science understanding and environmental responsibility available to benefit and inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. The citizenship activities are anchored in Novozymes’ regions in order to make sure that we meet regional business and stakeholder needs in our community engagements.

Novozymes is committed to contributing to the United Nations 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With the Citizymes program we specifically aim to support two of the eight MDGs: 

  • Universal education (goal 2) by helping communities gain access to educational facilities and contributing to increase their qualifications within science
  • Environmental sustainability (goal 7) by enhancing our communities’ awareness of environmental responsibility

Initiatives & activities

Please see examples of citizenship activities from all Novozymes’ locations; Africa & Middle East, China, Europe, India, Latin America, North America here.


Management principles & guidelines

Management system set-up
Projects under the Citizymes program are anchored and driven by our regional presidents and their Regional Management Teams (RMTs). Time and cash contributions used on citizenship activities are decided on regionally, however, a minimum budget is assigned for each region. Regional Management Teams once a year discuss regional citizenship efforts and share best practices.

Citizymes toolbox
Internal guidelines for driving citizenship projects in Novozymes, such as reporting templates, feedback questionnaire for measuring impact, best practice cases and a knowledge sharing platform, have been developed under the Citizymes program.

Targets & KPIs

We measure the spending split between business sponsorships, corporate citizenship activities and local goodwill activities (non-business related and not within the scope for corporate citizenship). Going forward, the target is to increase the number of corporate citizenship activities. For 2015, the split was:

  • Local goodwill activities: 5%
  • Business sponsorships: 20%
  • Corporate citizenship: 75%


External measurement:
Starting from 2011, we measured the number of learners (students, teachers, members of local communities) that we reached through our engagement activities. In 2015, we were able to reach approximately 87,000 learners. We also follow up on the impact created by asking all learners to answer predefined questions, qualitatively measuring change of awareness towards science. Annually, we report on these KPIs and elaborate on all major corporate citizenship projects. 

Internal measurement:
Since 2011, we annually measure business and employee benefits through internal surveys. Examples of business benefits are increased employee satisfaction, innovation, business opportunities and branding. Examples of employee benefits are development of professional and personal skills, pride and feel good and knowledge about community needs. 

Zymers engagement
We also encourage our employees (zymers) to participate in our Corporate citizenship activities. In year 2015, approximately 323 zymers participated across different locations of Novozymes