2004 annual meeting of shareholders

The annual shareholder meeting in Novozymes A/S was held yesterday. The annual meeting adopted the report on the company’s activities over the last financial year.

The annual meeting also approved the following items:
  • the audited annual report, including the resolution on discharge of the Executive Management and Board of Directors
  • a resolution on application of profits in accordance with the approved accounts (annual report), subject to payment of a dividend of DKK 3.15 per DKK 10 share
  • re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab as the company's auditors
  • content-related and editorial amendments to the Articles of Association: 
    - amendments to the company's purposes
    - reduction of the share capital
    - possibility of electronic communication between the company
      and its shareholders
    - deletion of the clause concerning 'merger' with another 
    - amendment to the term of office for board members
    - other amendments
  • re-election of the current Board of Directors
  • authorisation for the Board of Directors, in the period up to the next annual meeting of shareholders, to allow the company to purchase own shares to a value of 10% of the share capital at the share price prevailing on the purchase date, with a deviation of up to 10%, cf. Section 48 of the Danish Companies Act.
Henrik Gürtler, chairman of the Board of Directors, made the following comments in his verbal report:
''After more than three years, Novozymes is still a young company but no longer a total newcomer. We can look back with pride on the period since Novozymes' stock exchange listing in 2000, i.e. a good three years. Novozymes has demonstrated growth and sound business from the start, as well as launch ing new initiatives and business areas.
And 2003 was no exception: once again we saw a particularly good development in the business, despite challenges such as falling exchange rates. We have also come a long way in terms of the company's environmental and social responsibility.''
Composition of the Board of Directors
The officers and members of the Board of Directors are as follows :

Henrik Gürtler, CEO, Novo A/S (chairman)
Kurt Anker Nielsen, Director, Novozymes A/S (deputy chairman)
Paul Petter Aas, Senior Vice President, Norsk Hydro ASA, Norway
Arne Hansen, Production Operator (employee representative)
Jerker Hartwall, CEO, Karlshamns AB, Sweden
Lars Bo Køppler, Technician (employee representative)
Ulla Morin, Laboratory Technician (employee representative)
Walther Thygesen, General Manager and Regional Vice President, Hewlett-Packard
Hans Werdelin, Director
Press and media Equity analysts and investors
Eva Louise Holm Petersen
Tel. (direct): +45 4442 3338 

Michael Steen-Knudsen
Tel. (direct): +45 4442 6048