Acquisition of own shares

Denmark – Novozymes has today acquired 600,000 B shares, worth DKK 241.3 million, from Novo A/S. The transaction price is DKK 402.16 per share and has been calculated as the average market price from August 9, 2006 to August 22, 2006 in the open window, fol

The acquisition is part of the ongoing Novozymes A/S share buy-back programme of DKK 4 billion under which DKK 1 billion has been approved for 2006. Novozymes A/S has year-to-date acquired shares worth a total of DKK 892 million.

Novozymes A/S now holds 2,803,354 own B shares (DKK 10 per share), corresponding to a nominal value of DKK 28,033,540 or 4.31% of the total share capital.

Novo A/S’ shareholding in Novozymes A/S prior to the sale of B shares, was nominal 107,487,200 A shares and 6,999,280 B shares (nominal DKK 10), corresponding to 27.3% of the total share capital and 70.8% of votes.

It is the intention of Novo A/S, in accordance with the existing strategy, to adjust its shareholding in Novozymes to the same level as after the demerger from Novo Nordisk A/S in the year 2000. Novo A/S therefore has to dispose of 1.2 million Novozymes B shares to reach this level. After completion of today’s transaction and a continuous sale in the financial markets, Novo A/S is expected to bring its position in Novozymes A/S back to 25.5% of the total share capital and 70.0% of the votes.