Annual Meeting of Shareholders 2007

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Novozymes A/S took place yesterday, with the report on the company’s activities in the last financial year being adopted.

The Annual Meeting also approved the following items:

  • the audited annual report, including the resolution on discharge of the Management and Board of Directors
  • resolution on appropriation of profit in accordance with the adopted financial statements (annual report), with a dividend of DKK 4.50 being paid per share of DKK 10
  • re-election of the six members of the Board of Directors elected by the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, and enlargement of the Board with the first-time election of Professor Mathias Uhlén, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 
  • re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • resolution to change the wording of Section 8.2 of the Articles of Association as follows:

”Annual Meetings of Shareholders are held in the metropolitan region, as specified by the Board of Directors.”

  • authority for the Board of Directors, in the period until the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders, to acquire treasury shares equivalent to 10% of the share capital at the share price on the date of acquisition, subject to a permitted price difference of up to 10%, cf. Section 48 of the Danish Public Companies Act.

In his verbal report Henrik Gürtler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made the following comments, among others:

”Novozymes has had another year of very good results and positive business development. These are results of which we can be proud. Going forward, our goal is to focus further on top-line growth. To secure this, we launched a strategic initiative just over a year ago with increased investments in market-expanding activities. We are now following this up with a new external ambition for Novozymes’ top-line growth, namely sales of DKK 10 billion in 2010.”

Henrik Gürtler also made the following comments concerning sustainable development:

”The fact that Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, for the sixth time, rated Novozymes as the most sustainable company within biotechnology in both Europe and globally in 2006 confirms Novozymes’ continued pre-eminence in sustainability. Today in Oslo we have been named ’Best in>

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised as follows:

Henrik Gürtler, CEO, Novo A/S (Chairman)

Kurt Anker Nielsen, Senior Vice President and former CEO, Novo A/S (Vice Chairman)

Paul Petter Aas, Senior Vice President, Yara International ASA

Arne Juul Hansen, Operator (employee representative)

Jerker Hartwall, CEO, AarhusKarlshamn AB

Søren Henrik Jepsen, Manager (employee representative)

Ulla Morin, Laboratory Technician (employee representative)

Walther Thygesen, Senior Vice President, Hewlett-Packard, EMEA

Professor Mathias Uhlén, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Hans Werdelin, Director, former CEO, Sophus Berendsen