Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2009

Novozymes A/S yesterday held its Annual Shareholders' Meeting, at which the following were approved:

  • Adoption of the audited Novozymes Report 2008, including discharge of the Executive Management and the Board of Directors from liability
  • Distribution of profit in accordance with The Novozymes Report 2008, with payment of a dividend of DKK 5.25 per share of DKK 10, an increase of 5% compared to fiscal year 2007
  • Re-election of the current six members of the Board of Directors elected by the Annual Shareholders' Meeting
  • Re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers as the company’s auditor
  • Renewal of authorization for the Board of Directors, until March 3, 2014, to implement certain types of increases in common stock, whereby Section 6 of the Articles of Association is amended accordingly
  • Authorization for the Board of Directors, in the period up to the next Annual Shareholders' Meeting, to allow the company to acquire treasury shares up to an aggregate nominel value of 10% of the common stock, at a price that does not deviate by more than 10% from the market price on the date of acquisition, cf. Section 48 of the Danish Public Companies Act

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