Update on US patent lawsuit against Danisco

Judge overturns jury’s verdict in US patent law suit against Danisco and finds Novozymes’ US Patent No. 7,713,723 invalid

In the US patent law suit concerning Novozymes' US Patent No. 7,713,723 covering certain alpha-amylase enzymes for use in the biofuel and starch industries, Judge Barbara Crabb of the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin has found Novozymes’ patent invalid. The judge thereby vacates the jury’s verdict of October 26, 2011 in which the jury found Danisco liable for willfully infringing the patent and awarded Novozymes damages of USD 18,290,500.
“We are disappointed that the court has ruled in favor of Danisco”, says Novozymes’ General Counsel Mikkel Viltoft. “We disagree with the decision and will file an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Novozymes will continue to protect and defend its intellectual property rights.”
The law suit concerns certain of Danisco’s products that have primarily been used to produce ethanol from corn starch in the US. Novozymes filed the lawsuit against Danisco in May 2010.
The ruling does not impact Novozymes’ financial outlook for 2012.
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