Trading by management in Novozymes A/S B Shares

In accordance with Section 28a of the Danish Securities Trading Act, Novozymes reports the following transactions under ISIN DK0060336014, Novozymes B shares under the symbol NZYM B.

Thomas Nagy
Relation/category of close relation
Trading date
February 11, 2013
Character of transaction
Sale of shares
Volume of transaction buy(+)/ sell (-)
Value of transaction (DKK)
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René Tronborg (Europe)
Tel. (mobile): +45 3077 2274
Paige Donnelly (USA)
Tel. (mobile): +1 919 218 4501
Maarit Pokkinen
Tel. (mobile): +45 3077 8682
Martin Riise
Tel. (mobile): +45 3077 0738
Thomas Bomhoff (USA)
Tel. (mobile):  +1 919 649 2565