Novozymes A/S Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2013

Novozymes A/S today held its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

Novozymes A/S today held its Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, at which the following were approved:
  • The audited Novozymes Report 2012
  • Distribution of profit in accordance with The Novozymes Report for the fiscal year 2012, with payment of a dividend of DKK 2.20 per share of DKK 2, an increase of 16% compared to fiscal year 2011
  • Remuneration of the Board of Directors for 2013
  • Election of Henrik Gürtler as Chairman and Kurt Anker Nielsen as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Re-election of Lena Olving, Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, Agnete Raaschou-Nielsen and Mathias Uhlén as members of the Board of Directors
  • Re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers as the company’s auditor
  • The Board of Director’s other proposals, hereunder:
  • Reduction of the company’s share capital by cancellation of a part of its holding of treasury B shares. The company’s B share capital is reduced by DKK 10,600,000 from DKK 542,512,800 to DKK 531,912,800. The total share capital will hereafter amount to DKK 639,400,000 
Following the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors consists of the following members:
Henrik Gürtler, CEO of Novo A/S (Chairman)
Kurt Anker Nielsen, Director (Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Audit Committee)
Lena Olving, Deputy CEO and COO of Saab AB (Sweden)
Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, CEO of Carlsberg A/S
Agnete Raaschou-Nielsen, Chairman of the Board of Brdr. Hartmann A/S
Mathias Uhlén, Professor, Kungliga Tekniske Högskolan (Sweden)
Lena Bech Holskov, Safety Adviser (employee representative)
Anders Hentze Knudsen, Senior Operator (employee representative)
Lars Bo Køppler, Technician (employee representative)

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