Reduction of share capital

With reference to company announcement no. 15/2013, a reduction of the company’s B share capital by DKK 10,600,000 via cancellation of 5,300,000 treasury B shares, was adopted at Novozymes A/S’ Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on February 28, 2013.

Today, Novozymes has registered the final implementation of the reduction of the share capital with the Danish Business Authority. Consequently, the reduction of Novozymes’ B share capital from DKK 542,512,800 to DKK 531,912,800 has been completed.
After the reduction, the total share capital is DKK 639,400,000, distributed on 319.7 million shares with a trading unit of DKK 2 pr. share.
Share capital overview
Share capital, DKK
Number of shares, DKK 2
A shares
B shares
Each A share of DKK 1 carries 10 votes and each B share of DKK 1 carries 1 vote.
On April 5, 2013, following the reduction of share capital, Novozymes’ holding of treasury stock was 5.99 million B shares, equivalent to 1.9% of the reduced total share capital.
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