Electronic communication with shareholders

Provide us with your e-mail address and receive the Novozymes Report, notice of shareholders’ meetings, and other news directly in your inbox.

1. Click on the link above to “Novozymes’ InvestorPortal”
2. Log on to InvestorPortal using your NemID, net-ID, or VP-user name
3. Enter your e-mail address under “Personal preferences” and click “Save preferences”
4. Select which publications you wish to receive

    If you do not have one of the three digital user IDs mentioned above, you can create a VP-user on InvestorPortal by clicking the link “Order a one-off code to create a VP-user.” The access code will be sent by ordinary mail to the address to which your custody account is registered.

    You can change your e-mail address and which publications you wish to receive on InvestorPortal at any time.