Occupational health & safety

It is vital for both our employees and our business to maintain a safe and healthy work place, with good work-life balance. Some of our focus areas include prevention of accidents and hazards, hygiene, health promotion and product safety.


Novozymes strives to create a developing, healthy, and inclusive working environment, and respect for health and safety must never be set aside. In our daily operations Novozymes strives to prevent occupational hazards and diseases and follow best practices as described in the occupational health & safety (OH&S) management standard specific to each functional employee group (people policy).


Initiative & activities

QMS documents

OH&S requirements are understood as quality parameters, and hence OH&S is included in the Quality Management System (QMS): the objectives and processes of a company designed to orient the company toward quality and customer satisfaction.

Behavioral based safety

In 2010, Novozymes initiated the global OH&S campaign "Dare to Care." Dare to Care is a behavioral based safety program. With Dare to Care we will increase our focus on safe behavior. We are using observation of job operations and feedback as a tool for eliminating hazards and improving our safety culture, and this will be integrated in our annual risk assessment.

Safe products

As outlined in Novozymes’ quality policy, we will inform our customers about safe handling of products and advise when we are aware that products could be used in a way that violates regulatory requirements. Customers can download product safety sheets on all products at the on-line Customer Centre.

Hygiene requirements

Personal hygiene is a very important factor when working with food/feed products. Novozymes adheres to a set of rules and requirements for personal and site hygiene and uses the cleaning-in-place (CIP) method. Novozymes has set out requirements for clothes, footwear, jewelry, health status, and behavior for all production personnel, who are given training on these requirements.

Health promotion

Novozymes wants to enable all employees to increase control over their health and its determinants, thereby improving their health. Health promotion focuses on lifestyle habits, health attitudes, and wellness opportunities that are essential to health in general. Health promotion is seen as beneficial for each employee and also for Novozymes’ productivity, branding, sustainability, etc. Health promotion is coordinated across Novozymes with regional/local initiatives designed to fit actual needs. 

Management system & guidelines

All business units in Novozymes follow an OH&S management standard in order to continuously improve OH&S, including the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. The requirements include setting targets and drawing up action plans based on risk assessments and official criteria. OH&S is included in the Novozymes management systems in the business units, which strengthens follow-up on OH&S objectives, implementation of activities set out in actions plans, and an ongoing commitment from line management.
OH&S is a line management responsibility, and management’s duties and responsibilities in relation to safety are outlined in Novozymes’ quality system, an integrated management system covering environment, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility. The OH&S standard is organized according to the principles in OHSAS 18001, including:
  • Identification and compliance with authority requirements
  • Employee involvement in OH&S work at the departmental level
  • Objectives, targets, and action plans based on annual hazard identification and risk assessments to continuously improve safety 
  • Training and re-training of employees
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and applicability of the OH&S system through annual management reviews
Line management’s access to adequate OH&S competencies is based on two specialized units: one is headed up by a doctor responsible for individual health monitoring and promotion, while the other focuses on managing and coordinating OH&S and preventive work. Read more about Novozymes’ approach to ensuring a safe workplace.

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