Join our science: The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

Novozymes invites all students and postdocs to participate in The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award 2016. The €5000 award will go to a scientist for the development of an outstanding assay in enzyme research.


Biotechnology holds the potential to develop solutions for some of the biggest, global challenges: global warming, better food production and clean air and water.

”We know a lot but there is still a need for new knowledge and research. One of the most important research areas within biotechnology is enzyme assays, methods to identifying the best enzymes among nature’s many millions. Therefore, we now invite students and postdocs to participate in The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award" says Dorota Nissen, research scientist at Novozymes.

Applicants can apply for the award until May 1st, 2016.

Have you developed a new, outstanding and innovative enzyme activity and/or performance assay? Send us your idea and participate in the competition to win The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award, 5000 and contribute to creating a better world.


About The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award is awarded by Novozymes, the world’s biggest producer of industrial enzymes and ranked the best scientific employer in the world. The aim of the award is to boost the general assay awareness and interest, and reward good assay ideas developed by young scientists. Along with the award comes a check for 5000.

The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award also offers a possibility for closer cooperation between universities and Novozymes, allowing the award winner to further explore the idea in cooperation with a world leading biotech company. Previous awards have resulted in collaboration agreements between the awardee’s research group and Novozymes.

Last year’s winner was the young postdoctoral researcher of University Claude Bernard Lyon, Dr. Sofiene Abdellaoui for his assay called “An Electrochemical Platform for Screening Oxidoreductase Activities”.